Craftsman’s Hands

I love watching people make things.

An artisan working on a craft always displays a kind of elegance that only comes with experience. There is a precision and economy of gesture that, to my eye, is essential to mastery. When you know what you are doing, no unnecessary movement is displayed.

This particular pair of hands belongs to my friend Christian Cameron, who is making a pair of medieval gloves out of chamois. Christian is an author (a good one, too – check out his books and his blog at and also a historical re-enactor. Re-enactors have to learn how to make a lot of stuff, because you are rarely able to pop down to the nearest department store to find the kind of thing you need (at least, not if you want it to be accurate …). The more stuff you make, the better you get at making stuff. Christian has been doing this for a while, and he’s pretty good at making stuff. I spent a very enjoyable afternoon taking photos as he taught a bunch of us how to make gloves. This was my favourite photo of the bunch.

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