Sunlit Day in Autumn

The sun came out this afternoon, and it was a lovely warm light that made me want more. So, I went through my catalogue of photos and found this.

This image goes back to last Autumn, when I went for a long hike in the woods near my parents’ cottage in Muskoka. There is a little trail that goes off into the forest on the far side of the lake, and if you follow it all the way to the end you wind up at a tiny little lake that has no road access and no cottages.

There are some very old Birch trees growing near the lake – so tall that you get a bit dizzy looking up at them. Young Birches have relatively smooth bark, but as they get older the bark becomes rougher and full of deep fissures. This one must be ancient.


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3 thoughts on “Sunlit Day in Autumn

  1. Spectacular! Love this image!

  2. Kenneth Beattie on said:


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