Silver Grasses

Winter can be a tricky time for photographing outside. Sometimes you are plunged into instant beauty, other times you struggle to find something even remotely interesting to immortalize – you have try to find potential in unpromising subjects.

A walk through the Don Valley a couple of weeks ago proved to be one of the second kind of photography days. The light was not bad, but the valley was not filled with subjects demanding to be photographed. There are only so many photographs of dried grasses that you can take before they all start to look the same.

In this case, the afternoon sunlight was shining through some of last summer’s Hesperica Matronalis, giving it a rather nice silvery effect. The original photo, straight out of the camera, was a little dull, however, so I decided to play around a little with an Orton effect in Photoshop to play up the highlights. (More info on the Orton effect.)

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