First Snow!

They are right when they say that bad weather makes good pictures.

December in Toronto has been positively tropical – 5 degrees above freezing on Christmas Day! – and we have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of actual winter so that we can go back to feeling like real Canadians.

Our first real winter storm arrived a few hours ago, engulfing us with snow and ice-pellets driven sideways by the wind. It won’t last – the forecast calls for rain before morning, which will make it vanish as if it never existed. In the mean time, though, it is also extremely unpleasant to be outside right now; as well as cold, the air is damp, which makes one freeze ever so much faster.

However, because a photographer should never be discouraged by the elements, I stuffed my feet into my boots, flung on my coat, and stepped outside my apartment building for exactly three minutes to try to catch the first real snow of the season. (They tell you not to use your flash with falling snow, because the snow reflects the flash and turns into big white globes – unless that is the effect you’re going for, which I was. Sometimes doing the “wrong” thing is more interesting!)

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2 thoughts on “First Snow!

  1. Love this photo, and love your story.

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