Royal Winter Fair – Rider on a White Horse

I stopped into the Royal Winter Fair on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition a couple of weeks ago, because they have horses, and I’m a sucker for horses.

I spent a few moments in the ring where the jumping events were being held (there’s a free show first thing in the morning) but I find the lower-profile events more interesting, on the whole, so I wandered over to the Horse Palace to see what I could see.

It is a sad fact that the lighting in the Horse Palace is very dim, and generally terrible for photography. (It didn’t help that the day was cloudy, so there wasn’t much sunlight filtering through the tiny windows.) I had rented a professional-quality lens for the weekend, just to see what it was like (it was heavy – so heavy that shooting with it hurt my wrists), and even shooting at the largest aperture (f/2.8) I still had trouble getting a decent exposure without reducing my shutter-speed to shockingly slow.

That said, at one point, as I was watching the younger horses being put through their paces, the sun came out and flooded the ring with beautiful hazy light streaming in from behind one of the riders. Hence this photo, of which I am rather proud.

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One thought on “Royal Winter Fair – Rider on a White Horse

  1. Kenneth Beattie on said:

    For a rider on a pale horse, she doesn’t look particularly menacing . . .

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