Chickadee in Gold

Sometimes you get incredibly lucky.

I went up to my parents’ cottage for Thanksgiving (the Canadian holiday, not the American one). The leaves were still on the trees, which is unusual – usually by the time Thanksgiving comes around the leaves have already fallen; the colours are still beautiful, but you look down to see them. This year, the leaves stayed up longer, and the woods were ablaze with colour.

With the weather getting colder and all the birds and animals looking to feed well before winter comes, the bird-feeder was very popular. The Chickadees like to grab a seed from the feeder and take it away to nearby Hemlock branch, where they can crack it open. I managed to get into a spot where I could see them against the brilliant colours of the surrounding Maple trees. They don’t stay still for long, so you have to time it just right.

In this case, not only did I manage to catch one of the Chickadees on the branch, backlit by the gold leaves, he even posed for me.

Sometimes you get incredibly lucky.

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2 thoughts on “Chickadee in Gold

  1. You are really lucky. A wonderful photo…this little sweet bird, the golden light and a good photographer 😀 STUNNING!!

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