Who Cooks for You?

Most owls are nocturnal. There are a few who prefer daylight, but most only start to wake up when the sun goes down. There’s a reason we use the term “Night Owl” to describe someone who stays up late.

If a Night Owl is someone who stays up late into the night, what do call an owl who stays up into the morning? This Barred Owl flew across the road about twenty feet in front of me while I was walking the dog around ten o’clock one morning in Muskoka. I ran home to get my camera, although I was fairly certain he would be gone by the time I came back. He wasn’t. Apparently owls don’t move once they’ve decided to settle in, and he stayed put. He wasn’t particularly interested in me – I was too big for lunch, but too short to reach him, so I was boring. He let me get quite close. (None of these photos are cropped much.)

Barred Owls have a very distinctive call. It’s usually rendered as “Who cooks … for you? Who cooks … for you?”. They are the only large owl with completely dark eyes. Other large owls have yellow eyes.

There are three pictures in this gallery. Click on any image to launch. (I took more photos, but these will do for starters.)

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