A Visit to Prince Edward County …

… in which I indulge in a photographic cliché.

Some friends and I went to Prince Edward County for a couple of days – they mostly to try out some of the local wines, I mostly to take photos.

We drank some nice wine and some mediocre wine, and some very good cider, and I took a few photos as we wandered around. Prince Edward County is extremely scenic in a pastoral way and full of beautiful old wood-frame houses, many now converted to restaurants and Bed & Breakfast establishments.

On our way past Lake on the Mountain (which actually is a lake on top of a hill, several hundred feet above Lake Ontario – no joke) we passed this vintage car outside a local café. It looks to me like a Ford Model T, but I await correction by someone more knowledgeable about automotives than I.

Naturally, having taken a photo of a vintage car outside a vintage building, I had to process it as a sepia-toned monochrome. This makes the image a shocking cliché, but the fact is the photo didn’t look right in colour, and in black and white it was lacking something. Sometimes one is forced to recognize that a cliché is a cliché for a reason.

(Regrettably, it was not the only photographic cliché I indulged in, but one per post is enough, I think.)

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