House Wren

I saw this astonishing little House Wren at the Humber Arboretum, and I was lucky to get this photo.

House Wrens are very small and surprisingly fierce (kind of like Hummingbirds, that way). They move rather quickly, and never stay still. They are capable of driving other birds out of a nesting box if they decide they want it, and are perfectly willing to fight a much larger bird if they feel the need.

I was up the Arboretum to look for deer – there is a small herd of them that lives up there (it’s on the northwest edge of Toronto). I had just taken a couple of photos of a handsome buck, and when he wandered off into the bush I turned around and came face to face with this little Wren. I had time to get exactly one photo before it took off.

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4 thoughts on “House Wren

  1. What a cutie!

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