My mum plants herbs and vegetables in with the flowers every year, and also sets out a lot of them in pots. They sit in a row on the edge of the back deck, and when my parents go up to the cottage they put the pots in the back of the minivan to take with them. (A minivan full of tomato plants and beans – all nearly full size and leafed out, some with unripe fruit on them already – is a sight to behold.)

This is one of her baby basil plants, only a couple of inches tall.

Basil is one of my favourite herbs, along with tarragon and rosemary. Homegrown basil has a much more pungent flavour than what you can buy at the grocery store – savoury and peppery and a little bit earthy. My mum usually uses a lot of her basil to make pesto at the end of the summer – yum!

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One thought on “Basil

  1. Fresh, clean and delicious! I grow basil top 🙂

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