Chickadees are the acrobats of the bird world, here in Ontario.

They zip between branches, cling to the sides of trees, hang upside down, and generally make a spectacle of themselves. They are dapper little birds, with their sharp black caps and grey jackets, and their eyes always seem very bright. They are so small that they often cannot crack open sunflower seeds on the feeder, but take them away to a nearby tree-branch where they can hammer them open.

They are bold, too! When we refill the birdfeeder, very often a Chickadee will land on it even before we have it firmly settled on the pole – and then scold us for taking too long!

Although they have a very sweet little song, they are best known for the noisy call they take their name from.


There are four photos in this gallery.

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4 thoughts on “Chickadees!

  1. What a charming little bird!

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