Young Blue Jay

Blue Jays are intelligent and entertaining birds, but rather shy. This one stayed up on the bare branch and wouldn’t come any closer, but he didn’t leave either – there were seeds in the bird feeder after all! Blue Jays have rather short, broad wings, and seem to prefer not to fly long distances if they don’t have to. They hop from branch to branch with a little bounce, and like to look at you from behind things.

Blue Jays make a variety of sounds, but the one they’re most known for is the loud screech they make around bird feeders. There’s evidence to suggest that that screech is actually an imitation of a hawk – they’re trying to scare the other birds away from the food so they can have dibs on it! Young Blue Jays also make a squeaky noise a bit like a rusty gate.

This Blue Jay is a fairly young one. You can see that his crest is still a bit stubby. When he’s a little older it will be longer and sleeker.

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