Brown Creeper

The Brown Creeper is a tiny brown bird that creeps up tree trunks. (Imagine that!)

I’m not kidding about tiny – they’re a little less than 5 inches long, and a lot of that is beak and tail. They’re fairly common, but you don’t see them often because they are so well camouflaged.

They like to walk up the trunks of trees in a spiral path, digging insects out of the bark. When they get to the top, they fly down to the bottom of another tree and start over. They have stiff tails with two points that they brace against the tree for support. Their brown and white feathers blend so perfectly with the tree-bark that you sometimes can’t see them until they move.

This one seemed to have perfect confidence in its camouflage – it was not at all bothered by my presence. It makes me wonder how many other Brown Creepers I’ve been near without noticing.

There are three photos in this gallery.

For more information on Brown Creepers, check out this page:


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