A Chipmunk in the Hand

… is worth half a dozen under the bird feeder.

By the end of summer, the chipmunks at my parents’ cottage have pretty much lost their fear of people. Indeed, they have largely identified humans as purveyors of fine foods, and, if you are patient and supplied with a sufficient quantity of sunflower seeds, you can often get one to come right up and eat out of your hand.

In addition to eating the seeds, chipmunks will stuff their cheeks full of them to take away so that they can be stored for the winter. They can grab a lot of seeds in a very short time. The effect is a bit like watching a small, furry vacuum-cleaner. This little guy is only part of the way through stuffing his cheeks – by the time he was done, my hand was empty!

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5 thoughts on “A Chipmunk in the Hand

  1. That is SOOOO cute!!!

  2. How charming!

    I get squirrels under my bird feeder. They are no longer afraid of me, either. In fact I can see the accusation in their eyes: “You’re late! Where are my peanuts?”

    But I couldn’t bring myself to let one eat from my hand!!!

    • Yeah, chipmunks are special.
      I don’t get accusations from them, but sometimes the chickadees get really annoyed when I take the bird-feeder down to refill it. They sit on top of the pole and go “dee-dee-dee” until I bring it back …

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