Northern Flying Squirrel

This little guy solved a mystery for us.

The bird feeder at my parents’ cottage was being emptied overnight, despite the fact that it is carefully defended against all the usual threats: it is set away from the trees, and there is a baffle on the pole to keep ground-based critters from raiding it. It should have been impregnable, and yet …

A few nights ago, I was sitting on the screened porch when I heard “thwack-scrabble-scrabble” – it sounded a lot like when a larger bird like a Blue Jay lands on the feeder, but Blue Jays don’t come around after dark. We charged outside … and found the feeder rocking back and forth slightly, but with no perpetrator in sight.

We went back inside, and few minutes later we heard the sound again. We charged outside again … and found the world’s most adorable thief clinging to the feeder.

We didn’t even know that we had Northern Flying Squirrels in Muskoka, because they are entirely nocturnal. You never see them, which is a pity, because they are ridiculously cute. This one adopted a very apologetic pose (as seen in the photo above) for several minutes: he hadn’t realized the restaurant was closed – he hadn’t meant to disturb anyone – the sunflower seeds just looked so delicious – he was sure we wouldn’t mind …

We didn’t really mind. Ground-based squirrels are a huge pest and are rightly kept out of the bird feeder, but a Northern Flying Squirrel? Well, how can anyone say no to that face?

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2 thoughts on “Northern Flying Squirrel

  1. Much cuter than the squirrels who plagued my bird feeders. They have since trained me to provide peanuts for them, in which case they leave the feeders alone. Clever little critters.

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