Niagara Falls 2 – Postcard Landscape

(My friend J. and I spent a day in Niagara Falls taking photos. This is the second of several posts, as I sort through my pictures from our adventure. You can read the first one here.)

Sometimes, when you’re looking at landscape photos, you say something like: “Cotton-candy colours are not natural. There is no way it actually looked like that.” I can now say with some authority that those colours are indeed natural, and yes, it really looked like that.

After taking our pre-dawn photos, J. and I started to wander along the edge of the gorge to find more good photo-spots. A few more people (all of them also photographers, inevitably) were starting to show up, but there still wasn’t much competition for space. (In all fairness, it was just twenty past six in the morning.) I found this composition, and parked myself there, waiting for the sun to actually come up. Dawn is always a bit of crap-shoot. You don’t know until the sun comes up whether or not it will be glorious shades of rose and gold or anemic grey and washed-out mauve. In this case, we were lucky – we got lots of pink in the sky to complement the turquoise water. (The turquoise colour, incidentally, is also entirely natural – it’s the result of rock-dust suspended in the water. The same effect shows up even more strongly in the glacial lakes in the Rocky Mountains.) The dawn-lit building in the background is part of the Niagara Power Generation complex, and dates back to a time when people expected their public works buildings to be good-looking as well as useful.

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4 thoughts on “Niagara Falls 2 – Postcard Landscape

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