Niagara Falls 1 – The Edge

My friend J. and I went to Niagara Falls, Ontario, on an overnight adventure. This will be the first of several posts – I’m still sorting through the pictures.

The falls on the Niagara River are divided in two, right across the border between Canada and the United States. The falls on the American side of the river are slightly smaller and divided again into two sections, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls, and they have a spectacular pile of fallen rock at the bottom that sends the water splashing in every direction. The falls on the Canadian side are much wider, and are known as the Horseshoe Falls, because the lip of the falls curves in a fairly deep arc. In the afternoon, the walk along the edge of the gorge is crowded four or five deep with people looking at the water. It’s also a popular wedding destination – I saw at least four wedding parties later in the day in the space of a few hours.

J. and I took the GO Excursion Train from Toronto, and found lovely accommodations at the Diplomat Inn in downtown Niagara Falls, a mere kilometre or so from the falls themselves. The primary purpose of the adventure – and, indeed, the really adventurous part of it – was to get up before the sun so that we could get photos of the falls at dawn.

My alarm clock went off at 5.00 am. We were out of the hotel and heading for the falls by 5.30 – neither of us moves very fast that early in the morning. The town was dark and quiet at that hour; we only saw a couple of cars and no people except for us.

We set up our tripods right at the edge of the falls, smack up against the fence that keeps people from accidentally tumbling 50 metres or so to the bottom of the gorge. It was still mostly dark, but we had enough light to do some long-exposure photography of the falls. This one here is the very first photo I took on that spot.

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3 thoughts on “Niagara Falls 1 – The Edge

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