Orioles and Cherry Blossoms

I went back to High Park to see the cherry blossoms and I got a bonus.

The cherry trees – in full bloom and covered with pale pink blossoms – were full of Baltimore Orioles. They were fluttering from branch to branch, sipping nectar from the flowers and scattering petals as their wings brushed them loose.

Orioles are beautiful birds, but very shy. They like to sit in the highest branches, and to hide behind things. Despite the fact that they are bright orange and black, they are surprisingly difficult to see! I managed to catch the little female above just as she peeked out from behind a cluster of cherry blossoms.

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2 thoughts on “Orioles and Cherry Blossoms

  1. I did not even see her until you mentioned. What a sweet picture!

    • Orioles are so shy – they kept hiding behind the flowers and peeking out like that! I was lucky to catch her. She only stayed still for a fraction of a second.

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