Dandelion Sunshine

We’ve been having a lot of grey, rainy days in Toronto, and we’re due for a lot more, so I thought I’d toss out a little floral sunshine to brighten things up a bit.

I borrowed a friend’s macro lens last summer and wandered around her garden for an afternoon, learning how to use it. Its tricky, because the depth of field is so narrow that just breathing wrong can throw your image out of focus. I took many, many, many photos, and only half a dozen were usable.

Dandelions are the bane of gardeners everywhere – weeds that are mercilessly torn out, cursed at, stomped on, poisoned, and otherwise reviled and destroyed. They are weeds, and they get everywhere – yes, I do understand that – but I have always liked them. There is nothing pretentious about a dandelion. It is bright, cheerful, and unassuming. It doesn’t need to be fussed over or coddled. It doesn’t come in twenty or thirty varieties with fancy names from an expensive nursery. It doesn’t even need to be planted. It’s just a little burst of sunshine that is pretty much guaranteed to show up and grow no matter what.

Here’s to you, dandelions everywhere – I like you even if nobody else does!


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2 thoughts on “Dandelion Sunshine

  1. Same here!

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