Mouse Tracks in Snow

A lot of people complain about winter – they can’t wait for the dry cold to end so that they can complain about the heat and humidity of summer. Granted, this winter seems to be dragging on a bit, but I still enjoy it. Bitterly cold days have a brilliantly clear light that you don’t see at any other time of year, and softly overcast days with snowflakes drifting down have a particular magic of their own.

One of the things that I love best about winter is that the snow gives you a window onto things you aren’t usually aware of. Even though I know that parks and wilderness areas like the Don Valley must be full of little animals, I am rarely conscious of them – they are so perfectly hidden in the environment. In winter, though, after a fresh fall of snow, even if you cannot see them you can see that they are there.

This perfect little trail of mouse tracks looped around beside the footpath in the Don Valley. It’s the mark of the tail that really makes it special, I think, like someone drew a long fine line with a pen for the mouse to follow.

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