So Many Robins!

I take a lot of photos of robins.

Partly this is because they are fairly common in Toronto, and fairly tame – they are very cooperative when you are learning the quirks of a new lens or trying a new technique and you want to practice on something more interesting than dried grass. It’s also partly because they are so entertaining. They have a lot of character, and they make very engaging subjects.

When I was down in the Don Valley last weekend, I had the great fortune to run into an entire flock of robins. I don’t usually see them in groups of more than three, but there were at least a couple of dozen robins perched in a single tree beside the path.

As I fumbled with my camera settings, trying to compensate for the loss of light (darkness comes so early in winter!) a number of them flew over to the sumach hedge that grows along the path, and began to dig out the seeds. I had stumbled right into their dinner-time. They spent their time alternately munching seeds and flirting with me.


There are four photos in this gallery. Click on any photo to launch.

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