Ice Storm – Part 2

Clean-up from the ice-storm continues.

The hydro workers – who have been working non-stop for the last week, including some from Manitoba who gave up their Christmas to help us out – are now working at restoring power to individual houses, which takes a long time. The weather is still a cause for concern – more wind and precipitation could cause more branches to come down and undo the work they have already done. There is a great deal of frustration, but also a great deal of generosity – people are going to some trouble to make sure that their neighbours are safe and warm, which is really something in a city the size of Toronto, where you don’t always know your neighbours very well.

The Don Valley, which is full of trees and semi-wild, took quite a bit of damage in the storm. This photo is the path that runs alongside the river. Because the trail is not maintained in winter, the fallen branches are likely to remain for some time.

Part One of the Ice Storm is here:

(There are more photos to come.)

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