Ice Storm

Ontario was hit by a major ice storm last weekend, beautiful and destructive. Usually when we get freezing rain it doesn’t get very exciting – a couple of hours of bitterly cold rain, and a thin coating of ice that makes everything glitter. This time, the downpour lasted so long, and the ice was so thick, that it’s going to take days for us to recover. At the worst point, three hundred thousand people in the city of Toronto alone were without electricity – no light, no heat – and it was so widespread that the power company couldn’t repair it as quickly as usual.

My own family had no electricity for almost three days. We were lucky; my parents’ house has a wood-burning stove, so we weren’t without heat, but cooking was a bit complicated. We got our power back on Christmas Eve, so that we didn’t have to cook Christmas dinner on the wood stove – that would have been complicated!

Even now, five days after the storm, there are still some fifty thousand people in the city of Toronto are who are without electricity, and many more in the surrounding area. Still, in addition to the destruction, ice storms can be very beautiful.

There are six images in this gallery. There will be more photos in the days to come.

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