The Food Building – Exhibition Place Part 3

Another photo from my visit to Exhibition Place. Part One can be found here: and Part Two is here:

The Food Building is – surprise! – where the food is featured. Inside it looks like the food court in a mall, with dozens of kiosks for the vendors. Lately, the food featured at the Ex has become a bit silly, with donut burgers and deep-fried butter and other strange concoctions that seem designed to land you in the hospital with a coronary, but it is good to see that experimentation is still going on in the food world.

The Food Building itself is currently in its second incarnation. The first building was built in 1921. It was replaced in 1954 with this one, done in the modernist style. Modernist architecture can look tacky and unimaginative when done badly, but the Food Building is a very handsome example, with clean lines, uncomplicated symmetry, and wide, flat planes that do not clutter the façade. Despite how different it is from the older styles of architecture that surround it, it does not look out place among them – a virtue of simplicity, perhaps?

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3 thoughts on “The Food Building – Exhibition Place Part 3

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