The Allstream Centre – Exhibition Place Part 2

This is the second selection of my photos from our visit to Exhibition Place. Part One can be found here:

The Allstream Centre, formerly known as the Automotive Building, was built in 1929 to showcase new car models. Although it no longer houses a car show it is still in use, now as Canada’s most environmentally-friendly conference centre.

The style is very Art Deco – I would venture to say it is one of the finer examples of the style, although it is more subtle than most of the famous Art Deco buildings. My friend and I kept commenting on what a beautiful building it is and what a shame that nobody designs buildings like it any more. The thing about Art Deco buildings is that you can tell somebody had fun designing it. Fun seems to be missing from modern architectural design.

I took most of my photos with the intention of making them black and white, but the image at the top of the post had such beautiful colour that I kept it, even though it doesn’t match the rest of the sequence.

There are 5 photos in this gallery.

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4 thoughts on “The Allstream Centre – Exhibition Place Part 2

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