Alexander the Great Parkette

This little parkette on the Danforth is almost more of a public square – not much grass, but lots of places to sit, with a big fountain and a row of columns on one side. The fountain runs almost until first frost, and there are always people hanging out beside it. (I’m sure the presence of a chocolate shop right next to it has nothing to do with that.)

You don’t need a fancy camera to take a good photo. I took this photo with my phone.

No, my phone doesn’t have the capabilities of my DSLR – it can’t zoom in much, and I can’t choose my aperture, shutter speed, or ISO – but I can still compose a shot and choose what goes in and what stays out, and that – as far as I can tell – is mostly what makes a successful photo. I composed this shot by walking around the fountain until I got it roughly where I wanted it, and then walked backwards until it fit in the frame; I did a little post-production work in Photoshop to adjust contrast and brightness, and that’s it.

I have a little point-and-shoot, as well, that I often carry with me when I don’t want to schlep my bulky DSLR all over the place. It has a few more features than my phone, but not many. Even so, I’ve taken some pretty good photos with it.

Don’t let the absence of a big fancy camera stop you from taking a photo if you think there’s one to be taken.

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