Four Corners (No, Not the Famous One)

There is a trail near my parents’ cottage, usually referred to as Joe’s Trail after the man who cleared it and made it available to the rest of the community. It meanders through the forest, past a beaver meadow and up a steep hill. If you follow it all the way around it will eventually drop you back on the road a fair distance from where you started. A large number of the photos in my last post were taken on that trail, and this is one more.

If you follow the trail up to the top of that steep hill I mentioned (and it is steep – I had to use my hands for extra security, because the ground was still wet) you will come to a place near the top where a small path branches off it. It’s easy to miss, because it isn’t maintained, but it gets just enough traffic that if you know it’s there you can still follow it. It takes you to a bluff overlooking the low-lying area around the creek. To one side, if you look carefully, there is a very discreet little iron bolt fastened into the rock. It is a survey stake.

This survey stake has the distinction of marking the point at which four townships meet: Perry, Chaffey, Bethune, and Sinclair. Because surveyors apparently have both a sense of humour and a sense of adventure, it is located on the edge of the cliff. In the photo above, you can see out-of-focus tree trunks in the background – those are actually growing up from the foot of the forty-foot vertical drop just past the edge of the rocks!

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